Spring Break Service Trips

“I went to change my world.  I came back changed by it.”

YA Spring Break Service Trips provide opportunities for people to spend a week reaching out to communities in need through tangible ways.  Participants discover the blessings of forming bonds with one another and those they are reaching out to, and often discover that the major change isn’t at the service project site, but inside themselves.  Faith expressed in action.  Service in the name of Christ.  Memories that will shape and last a lifetime.

Hear some of the stories from past Spring Break trips by clicking on the descriptions below:

Power House






Spring Break 2013: Baltimore










Spring Break 2012: Pensacola 



Mobile 087







Spring Break 2011: Mobile



South Texas trip 150







Spring Break 2010: Los Fresnos



New Orleans Part 2 045







Spring Break 2009: New Orleans