Senior High Youth in Grades 9-12


The youth program for high schoolers in all congregations meets in a variety of ways throughout the school year.

Mission Center Activities


Twenty youth gathered for the Christmas Party last December.  We spent had a Christmas Dinner, Worship, and Gift Exchange, then went to spend the night at Sports Plex West.  This gym had basketball, volleyball, and an indoor soccer field.  We finished at 6:00 am.

Super Senior Send-off is another celebration.  Congratulations to the Class of 2014!  We will celebrate the graduates with a special activity.


Peace Colloquy  Youth Retreat:  This year’s date is Oct. 18-20, 2013.  All are invited to attend as the new hymnal, Community of Christ Sings, is introduced.  It is at International Headquarters in Independence, MO

Yuletide Retreat is held to celebrate NEW YEAR’S EVE, Dec. 30-Jan. 1,  at Guthrie Grove with staff and youth from Prairie Bluffs Mission Center.

A mission center youth retreat will be held this year to prepare for the International Youth Forum.


Ventures is program for Sr. High youth. The weekend always starts at 2:00 pm on Saturday afternoon. We meet and have time to get to know each other and spend an hour on a community service project and then include a 30 minute lesson on an aspect of worship.  We have discussed testimony, prayer, parts of worship and ways we worship–connecting our hands, hearts and heads to God.  After the lesson is finished, we  plan the service for Sunday morning. We include a meal with the congregation or activity on Saturday night. And then we sleep at the church or stay at homes.  On Sunday morning we practice our parts for the service and prepare to lead the worship. We have lunch together following an evaluation of the weekend. We finish by approximately 1:00 pm on Sunday. The weekend is 24 hours of time to connect with friends, learn,  meet, and worship with the host congregation.

Summer Week-long Events

Senior High Camp is a great week to get to go deeper in your relationships with God and new and old friends.  Camp is held either the first or second week of July.  On-line registration is available at Guthrie Grove.  A scholarship of 50 % of the real cost is provided for every youth who lives in this mission center.

Summer Trips  are a great way to expand your understanding of God, others, and your self.  There is a rotation of trips that have been traditionally offered by the mission center.  There are 4 different kinds so that each year you are in high school, you have a chance to have a different experience.  The rotation includes:  International Youth Forum, Historic Sites Caravan, Peace Adventure Trip, and Mission Trip.

Spectacular is held near the end of July at Graceland University in Lamoni, IA.  At this week-long sports and leadership event, 800 youth gather from across the United States and Canada.  The week includes fellowship and fun, worship, leadership, athletics, music and fine arts.  To register for Spectacular, go to I want to on the toolbar and look under find a form.  Please mail a deposit, both registration forms, and your insurance card to Jeannine Ward.

Area Youth Council Activities

Heartland North Youth Council and Lamoni Area Youth Council

Activities are planned around the busy teens’ schedules.

Events in your Congregation

Clear Lake Congregation’s Sr. High participate in Knight’s for Teens.  Jill and Bob Branstad are the congregational youth leaders.

Knoxville Faithweavers includes a class for High Schoolers, and Indianola’s Friends Living In Peace also has a place for high school youth.  Each of these meet weekly, so go to the calendar page on this site.