SALT: Studies for Advanced Leadership Training

SALT: Studies for Advanced Leadership Training

A Ministry of the Lamoni Heartland Mission Center


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Purpose:  To educate and prepare discerning leaders for ministries in congregations through prayerful scholarship, teaching, service, and mentoring.  Courses are designed to convey information, inspire spiritual formation, and encourage practical application so the students are better equipped to respond to the needs of others and leadings of the Spirit.*

Instructors:  SALT courses are primarily taught by Community of Christ affiliated ministers and instructors with graduate training or advanced degrees in leadership development, theology, religious studies, or other related programs.

Course Requirements:  Courses are designed to prepare and empower participants for ministry.  These courses will be taught in an atmosphere of spiritual formation and practical application.  In addition to classroom hours, pre-class assignments will be made, including reading texts, writing reflections or short essays, or completing observations. No written tests are given. All assignments are made at the discretion of the instructor.  As a result of this training, participants will be expected to provide leadership in some role. Participants are expected to attend all nine sessions. Participants should have a high school diploma or equivalent before applying, and not be enrolled in full time academic study.

Practicum Requirements:  Participants will work with a mentor on a short practicum following each course.  Each practicum will help participants apply learned material in a focused, experiential, localized context, following guidelines provided at each session.  Plans will be drawn up, implemented, and debriefed with the mentor, and participants should be prepared to share practicum insights at the next gathering.

Application information:  Interested persons should complete the enclosed application and return to the Mission Center office, 531 W Main St  Lamoni, IA 50140, or e-mail it to   Participants will receive required  texts and syllabi in ample time to complete all assignments prior to the beginning of class.  Books will be collected at the conclusion of the weekend or may be purchased at that time.  All students are expected to bring their own copy of the Bible (NRSV preferred) to all weekend classes.

Cost:  Classes will be held at Guthrie Grove Retreat Center.  The cost for a weekend is $40 and includes meals, housing, and textbooks.  Some local assistance may be available.  Fees are due at the beginning of each weekend payable to Community of Christ.

Transportation:  Responsibility of participants.

SALT is subsidized by funds from the Lamoni Heartland Mission Center.  Contributions to the program can be made by contacting the Mission Center.



*adapted from: Community of Christ Seminary Ethos Statement, Community of Christ Seminary Handbook, MEADS and CPI statement.



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