Peace Mobile

The parts of PEACE

The parts of PEACE

The Peace Mobile

The Peace Mobile was created by Kelly Guinan over 20 years ago.  The concepts are related to the Children’s Peace Pavillion.  Many of these models exist through out the international Community of Christ.  It is a blessing to have these resources in our own Mission Center.  These exhibits are for ages K-6.  Usually 4 children can complete one activity in 10 minutes.  The number of exhibits needed are the number of children divided by 4.   A Peace Guide volunteer is also needed for each exhibit to direct the children through the activity and discuss the peace questions before moving to the next one.  Sharing these with children is always amazing.  These concepts are very relevant as we seek to share the worth of persons and blessings of community.

Peace for Me

These exhibits let us talk about our feelings, who we are, and what makes each of us special

Peace for Us

These exhibits help us communicate, cooperate, and value our family and friends,

Peace for Everyone

These exhibits give us an awareness of a global perspective, help us learn about other cultures, and define how peace can be achieved.

Peace for the Planet

These exhibits help learn about the environment, animals, and taking care of our planet.


If you would like the Peace Mobile to come to your congregation and connect with the children who are in your community, contact Jeannine Ward