Mission Center Staff

Vince Lewis - Mission Center President/Financial Officer

Vince Lewis

Vince began working as Mission Center President/Financial Officer on February 1, 2014.

He graduated with a teaching degree from Drake University, started teaching in Des Moines and over the next few years completed an MSE, a SPEC and finally a doctorate degree in administration and counseling. He recently retired early as principal of North High School in Des Moines after serving as a teacher, middle school principal and high school teacher for 39 years; 22 of those years as an administrator.

While he teaches parenting classes throughout the Des Moines Metro area and other locations as requested he has recently worked as Director of Gender Specific Programs at Children and Family Urban Ministries in inner city Des Moines.

Vince and his wife, Linda, live in West Des Moines. He is a High Priest in Community of Christ and is a member of the West Des Moines congregation.

Linda Fisher - Administrative Assistant

Linda Fisher

Linda is the Administrative Assistant and Mission Center Recorder. She is available to assist congregational leaders in their roles as well as assisting mission center staff. Linda also serves as secretary for Mission Center Conferences. She began working as secretary for Lamoni Stake after her graduation from Graceland College in 1975.

Linda and her husband, Bob, live on a farm outside of Lamoni. They are active in the Bloomington Congregation.

Jeannine Ward - Field Specialist for Children and Youth

Jeannine Ward

Jeannine Ward, Field Specialist for Children and Youth, has been employed by the Mission Center since October, 2010.  Jeannine  supports youth and children as they develop a relationship with Christ in the congregations, through youth council activities, mission center events, and the summer camping program and retreats. Jeannine also supervises the Registered Youth Workers in the mission center.  Previously Jeannine had a 20 year career in teaching ages 2-18 and served as a volulnteer youth worker for 30 years. She is married to Dale Ward, and her family includes Will, Tom, Richard and Abby.  She graduated from Graceland University with a BA in Music Education in 1984.