GROW LogoThe GROW Goals are spreading through out the Mission Center, thanks to our GROW team, Jim Atkinson, Art Woodcock, Skyla Mann, and Dan Gregory.

OSCEOLA Congregation

On Jan. 31, 2016.  Step 1: This shows them voting with their feet on how important written goals are for successful organizations. Their vote was unanimous, as was their enthusiasm for GROW


NORTHWEST Congregation

On Jan. 10, 2016.  The GROW Team,  on behalf of the entire congregation, presented a check for $5003.28 to Orval Fisher, CFO of Outreach International.   Congratulations, Northwest!

Northwest #2

WEST DES MOINES Congregation

Upon completion of their Outreach International GROW goal, they celebrated by doing the chicken dance in church!  They certainly had a LOT to crow about after they exceeded their goal by 358%.   That’s EGG-citing for sure! Congratulations West Des Moines!


west des Moines 2

Celebration upon completion of a GROW goal at the end of August, 2015.  Well done, West Des Moines!

West Des Moines1

INDIANOLA Congregation

Nov. 10, 2015   Step 0.  Congregational leaders are engaged in a listening exercise that is equal parts entertaining and enlightening.Indianola1

AMES Congregation

Read about their story at the link below.