Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University

Created by Dave Ramsey.  He presents a lot of things about money.  His Motto is ” If you live like no one else, then you can live like no one else.”

This program, which offers financial management education, guidance,  and organization tools, has made a difference in the lives of many as it has been used in a few of the congregations in the mission center. 3 congregations have applied for missional grants to support this program.  Different kinds of funding have been used.  Dave Ramsey suggests that if you follow this program, most people are debt free in about 2 years.  Northwest Congregation has run the program 4 times with different facilatators.  One of the members of the community, who participated in 2010, wrote a thank you letter in 2012 that said she was now doing much better financially and paid back her full cost of the course.  Bloomington Congregation has hosted a few sessions and Ames Congregation is currently offering it.


The newest version of the program runs for 9 weeks .  The session begins with a video and then the large group is broken into smaller groups for discussion and sharing.  There is a workbook to record the answers  that are given during the video presentation.   During the discussion, homework from the previous week is discussed and questions about the next week’s  assignment are answered. Total time-2 hours.

Childcare and Subsidy

This is up to the individual congregation and depends on the resources that are available.


There are 6 principles that Community of Christ uses to to guide our personal stewardship.  Financial Peace University supports principles 4-6 which are:

4 A disciple shares generously through tithing so others may experience God’s generosity.

5 A disciple saves wisely to create a better tomorrow for self, family, the church’s mission and the world.

6 A disciple spends responsibly as a committment to live in health and harmony with God and the world.


To find a class near you, go to this link  Financial Peace University

Generation Change

This material is geared for Teens.  This program developed by Dave Ramsey and his daughter, Rachel Cruz, offers a biblical foundation for life and money.  There are 3 themes:  BE who God Created, DO More with your money, GO write your story.

Jeannine Ward is available to come and share this with the youth in your congregation.