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2017   Dec. 10:  Liberty Hall Christmas Tea Dec. 29:  Staff In Training for youth 15 and older at Guthrie Grove. Dec. 30-Jan. 1, 2018: Senior High Yuletide Retreat at Guthrie Grove 2018 Jan. 13-14  Ventures Weekend at Bloomington Jan. 12-14   College Age Retreat at Guthrie Grove Jan. 26-28  [...]

Sr. High Youth and College Age Retreats at Guthrie Grove

The Sr. High Youth, Grades 9-12,  will meet at Guthrie Grove for the annual Yuletide Retreat on Dec. 30-Jan. 1, 2018.  The theme for the New Year’s Eve Party will be Dr. Who.   Dylan Pitt will be the Retreat Pastor.   Directors are Peter Jackel and Kayla Pistell0.   [...]