There are many activities provided for children by the congregations, youth councils, and mission center.  These are for grades K-5.

Mission Center Children’s Events

The Mission Center provides a spring and fall activity for the children.  Fun, Food, and Worship are the 3 things that are included.   This allows the children to be reacquainted.  It was a delight to over hear two 6-year olds discussing their memories from family camp a few months earlier.  These activities are usually held in Lamoni and Des Moines. and were in October and April this past school year.


Children at Pump it Up


Jr. Camp

This 4 night camp is held at Guthrie Grove Retreat Center. It is offered mid- June and late- July.  Children who have completed grades 3, 4 and 5 are invited to attend.  The children stay in Cabins that have 6 bunks.  One Counselor is assigned to each cabin.  Each child brings their own bedding and towels.  There is a pool on the campgrounds.  Theme Class is about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  There are several other interest classes offered, recreation, morning and evening devotions, campfires, and special evening activities.  Meals are served in the Dining Hall.  Campers have some clean-up duties that are shared during the week.  They are not responsible for pots and pans or dishroom.   This is a great time for children to make new friends.


Area Youth Council Activities

Heartland North Youth Council

The children meet on the first Sat. of the month from 1-4 at the West Des Moines Community of Christ.  They meet from September – May.  This year has focused on Jack and Jenn’s  Lights Camera Action.  The children will be learning more about the Mission Initiatives.

Lamoni Area Youth Council

Activities are planned as needed

Congregational Life

Children participate in worship services in the congregations. IMG_2676 (800x600)


Sunday School

Sunday School is provided in most congregations.  To confirm, check congregational pages for the pastor’s name and time of classes

Vacation Bible School

Some Congregations offer VBS in the summer.  Some use a week long format, others a weekend. Others 3 days.  The Bible school experience gives kids the chance to learn more about God and have a good time with their friends in their own congregation.

Pre-Baptismal Classes

If a child is nearly 8 or older they may take pre-baptismal classes to prepare for the sacrament of baptism.  Community of Christ believes that age 8 is the age of accountability.  Baptism is by immersion.  A baptism service will be planned when the child gains an understanding of what it means to  be a disciple and the meaning of making a promise to be a life-long follower of Jesus.  The sacrament of Confirmation follows the baptism.  Communion is also available to the child after baptism.

Peace Club

A few congregations invite children to participate in Peace Club.  This is a time where children can learn about their feelings and how to get along with others.  Exploring how to cooperate, communicate and accept others will give each one tools to navigate the relationships in their world.  Peace Club is available monthly at Clear Lake and  Andover.