jr camp meal

The Camping program has a long history in Community of Christ.  In the 1880’s, “reunion” began.  The church at that time was meeting for Conference every 6 months across the Midwest.  One year they decided that they didn’t need the business of Conference but needed the fellowship and worship time.  Thus “reunion” was created, so the Saints could still meet twice a year. Reunion is camp for all ages.  I have been at Reunions where 6 week old babies and 90+  adults attended.  It is a week focused on building community.  Reunion is  worship, fellowship, and friendship.  Reunion #1 is held in June and is for 4 nights.   Sat-Wed am.   Reunion #2 is held in July and is for 6 nights, Sat.-Fri am.

The Campgrounds for our Mission Center is Guthrie Grove.  We share it with Prairie Bluffs Mission Center.  The campground has spots for tents and trailers but also accomodations in the lodge, duplex cabins and small cabins.   The main floor lodge rooms sleep 4 and have their own bathroom.  The Basement lodge rooms sleep 6 and use a common bathroom.  The duplex cabins sleep 6 on each side.  The small cabins sleep 2-4.  All beds are single bunk beds.  You must provide your own bedding, towels and personal items.  Those who stay in the air-conditioned cabins use two bath houses located on the campgrounds.  Meals are served in the Dining Hall.  Volunteers are needed to sweep and mop the floors, wipe the tables, serve the food, wash the dishes, and also the pots and pans.  Many hands make light work.  There is a swimming pool and 2 life guards are hired by the campground.

Camp is held for all ages.  Jr. Camp is for 3,4,5 th graders.  It is 4 nights long.  Jr. High Camp is for 6,7,8 graders.  It starts on Sunday and gets over on Saturday.  Sr. High Camp is for 9, 10, 11, 12 graders.  It is also from Sunday to Saturday.  Camp Just Do It is a weekend camp that is for those of all ages with special needs.  Each person attending has a companion to help them during camp.

The camp program includes theme classes, interest classes, worship services, recreation, campfires, and intergenerational fun.


Guthrie Grove