Share Out

20 Sr. High Youth and 7 staff met with Matt Frizzell, Dean of the Community of Christ Seminary, on Nov. 18.   We started the morning off with Packing Meals for the Heartland at their West Des Moines packaging center.   The goal for Meals for the Heartland is to pack 21 million meals.   They past the 20 million mark.   The soy that is the protein in the meals is grown right here in Iowa.

After lunch at the church, we started in on our 3 classes for the afternoon.

Matt had us all share in 5 sentences or 30 seconds.   He talked to us about keeping our stories Positive, Short and Going

He also encouraged us to Take a Risk-  if you don’t tell the highs and lows you will miss conveying the impact of your experience on you.

Next, Show and Tell-  Show the impact by sharing what happened.  Don’t just tell it.

Invite your listener to share something that impacted them in response.

Always remember to keep it Positive, Short and Going.

Matt also led the youth through some improvisation games and helped them think quick.  We ended the day with worship and supper before everyone hit the road.   It was a delight to have our friends from Prairie Bluffs join us.



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