Encountering God at Home Part 2

Take the time to teach your children and youth the Stories of Jesus or Paul, or the disciples.  You may want to share the Lectionary scripture for the week or start with your favorites.

This pattern was developed by High Priest Monica Bradford, a Community of Christ minister, in 2008.

Don’t let the Latin names worry you.  Your children will enjoy hearing  another language.

These are the 5 sections for 5 times during the week as your family focuses

on a single scripture story.

Session 1:

Lectio                  Read the passage of scripture carefully, getting the sequence and detail without thinking too much about the meaning. Simply enjoy the story.  Let your child’s brain hear the story without asking them to think deeply about it.  Move to the Contemplatio section.

Contemplatio    Sit quietly (no longer than 1 minute/year your child is old)Breathe deeply.  Thank God for this experience.

Session 2:

Lectio                   Read the passage again.  Tell your child that as you read you want them to imagine the time of day, season of the year, smells of the land, sounds of the countryside, the human touches—  all the elements that would make the scene real.  When you finish reading go back and share your connections.

“When I heard the words…. it reminded me of ….”  Have your child share their connections to the story too.

Move to the Contemplatio.

Session 3:

Meditatio           Reread the passage.  Tell your child that as you read, you want them to ask any questions they have and you will do the same.   Don’t worry about answering any of the questions. Just reply, “That’s a good question!”   When the passage is finished ask your child if any of the questions were answered in the text.   Point out that some of the questions asked may not have answers in this passage.   Move to Contemplatio

Session 4:

Meditatio           Reread the passage.  Tell your child that as you read you want them to think about only one of the following questions.

Why did the author write this scripture for us?

How does this scripture connect to our world?

What does this scripture mean?

How  does this scripture help you understand God?

How does this scripture help you know how to behave?

Do you see yourself as any of the characters in the story?

Move to Contemplatio

Session 5:

Oratio             Reread the passage.  Tell your child to think about how the scripture makes you feel.  Does it make you feel happy, sad, angry, guilty, or any other emotion appropriate for your child.   When you finish reading have your child tell God what they feel about what they have read.   Move to Contemplatio




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